Cholesterol scrape the leaves Jati Netherlands

Leaves the plant is often used to be herb. One of them is Dleaves Jati Netherlands. Herb savor inl teruji has, as a matter of overcoming the ability of the body, to control the pace cholesterol.

Since the times of first, the Indonesian people, especially those living on the island of Java has been the use of water and stew leaves Dutch teak as a raw material for herbal medicine skim body, usually called extractive singset (Javanese). Many studies demonstrate that valuable teak leaves to lose weight. Later Dutch teak leaves of the benefits of more than that, namely the potential to be developed as a cholesterol herb checker.

Yosie Andriani's Laboratory HS Biokimia Bogor Institute of Agriculture conduct research in order to understand the influence of Daun Jati Belanda (in the form of a water extract, ethanol extract, and faction active steroid) to measure blood lipid (TPC, trigliserida, LDL, HDU and high density lipoprotein). Research using rabbits as animal experiments on the four treatment groups. Each group consists of five tails.

The leaf extract appeared to Jati Netherlands (in three forms of water extracts, ethanol extracts, and active steroid wing) effect on the blood lipid content (TPC, trigliserida, LDL, and HDL). Kadar TPC, LDL, and trigliserida in the control treatment (without the leaf teak) looks very high (significantly different) compared with the degree TPC, LDL, and trigliserida a given treatment teak leaves.

This fact indicates a decrease between TPC, LDL, and as a result of trigliserida Daun Jati Belanda. Percentage decrease in TPC highest rate occurred in the Netherlands Jati leaf extract treatment on ethanol (62 percent), followed by water extract treatment (55 percent), and the faction active steroid (36 percent).

Increase HDL

Giving Daun Jati Netherlands extracts also resulted in increasing HDL. Can lower HDL cholesterol level in the cells in a way to take the excess cholesterol from the network and then processed in the liver discarded ago with bile fluid. Protective effect of HDL has a blood vessel of the heart.

Furthermore, from this research can be concluded that Daun Jati Netherlands terbukti able to reduce blood lipid level. This means that the leaves can be used as Dutch teak alternative medicine anti hiperlipidemia. This fact the last few years, answered to by the employers with the herbal medicine developing products based on Dutch standard teak leaves. Not surprisingly, many processed products available fitofarmaka this herb-based, such as in the form of powder in the capsule and seduhan, the withdrawal tea.

Products containing herbal leaves Jati Netherlands that have been circulating in the market is issued PROLIPID PT Indofarma Tbk. Daun Jati Besides the Netherlands, Prolipid also contains tempuyung leaves and yellow leaves.

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