China Quarantine English and American Students

Beijing, more than 100 school children and teachers from the UK and the United States quarantined in Beijing after the 8 children infected with swine flu (swine flu). Four children came from the UK and four children came from the United States infected with the swine flu that, at this time has been treated in hospital and in stable condition.

While the students treated at the hospital as much as 9 students aged 13-14 years from Central Foundation Boys School, one of Clerkenwell and Parliament Hill School, Camden, as quoted from BBCNews, Monday (20/7/2009).

Meanwhile, the four UK students who say that the quarantined room hotel that is used is quite good. Four students are from Clevedon School in North Somerset, which is part of the group of 12 plus 2 other school teachers.

"We all quarantined in hotel rooms and daily body temperature checks carried out, all showing good results," said one student.

More than 600 students are to travel organized by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the British Council and the Chinese organization Hanban.

Based on reports from the BBC, three out of four British students have known that a high body temperature when the new arrival in Beijing early this week. Third was the students directly to the hospital. American students who have to interact with groups of students in the UK is also infected with swine flu.

China mengkarantina this year have been hundreds of foreign tourists who show symptoms of the H1N1 virus aim to prevent the widespread dissemination.

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