Avoid the Shock of Child Current Bom

Jakarta, Events bombardment going back in Indonesia. News that continue to appear on television to make a child do not shock and fear beraktivitas outside the home.

Children need to get a better understanding of parents and people in the surrounding environment so that one does not receive the information.

"Media should also consider the image-the image is not to be too vulgar or burnt corpses, such as bleeding, blood sacrifice, as this can be embedded in the visualization process of children," said Tia M. Rahmania Psi, psychologists from the Kancil which was also an instructor in the psychology program of the University of Paramadina when contacted detikHealth, Friday (17/7/2009).

In this era of globalization, according to Tia, it is difficult to keep the communication flowing. Is the role of parents to filter and provide information that rational.

Adjust the age of the child to provide the correct information concerning the bombardment. "If children under the pre-adolescent parents can explain that the action is seen that harm other people. Or when children are already teenagers from the values of human rights because it revoked the right to life of others," said Tia.

According to the most hit are the children of the victim's family because it will cause a prolonged trauma. "If he was a child of the family of the victim impact will be tremendous need more special handling, such as psychologists because ditakutkan to shake one's soul," said Tia.

Tia also understand if the parents akan Protective cases against children after the blitz, which continues to appear. "When parents do not want their children playing in the crowd must be explained why so children can better understand," he said.

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