Avocado, Source Fat As Energy

Fruit, including avocado fruit because it contains a special fat 20-30 times more than the other fruits. Fat can provide energy that is high enough when consumed. The type of fat, including avocado contain no saturated fat, easily digested and so useful to the body. Fat provides the energy high with a savory taste and delicious and not bitter.

Nutrition in the womb of avocado fruit is as follows:
• 95 mg phosphorus
• 23 mg calcium
• 1.4 mg iron
• 9mg sodium
• 1.3 mg potasium
• 8.6 mg niacin
• 660 I.U. Vitamin A
• Vitamin C 82 mg
Avocado fruit is rich in minerals that kesemuannya useful to set the function of the body and stimulate growth. Iron and copper are in the process of regeneration to help red blood and prevent anemia.

Avocado fruit is also a source of Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Gynecology fiber simultaneously avocado fruit can also help the process of digestion. Avocado fruit can also decrease the degree of cholesterol because it contains high carbohydrate and fat is not saturated.

So it can be avocado fruit benefits for health are:
1. Source of Vitamin E and B
2. Lower blood cholesterol
3. Damp skin
4. Assist regeneration of blood red
5. Prevent anemia
6. Prevent constipation
7. Prevent malnutrition
8. Source of the womb is not saturated fat

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