Aspirin Prevent Hearing Disorders Due to Antibiotics

Aspirin was not only effective for the headache. Joint team of experts from China and the United States (U.S.) found that the drug is also useful to prevent interference antiobiotik type of hearing due to aminoglycosides. Please note, these types of antibiotics commonly used for about 60 years to treat acute infections, tuberculosis, and several other diseases. Unfortunately, side effects are loss of hearing ability.

These are written in the New England Journal of Medicine and involving 195 Chinese patients who received between 80 to 160 milligram gentamicin (aminoglycoside similar) through infus, two times a day. Provision made during the five to seven days. Among these patients, 89 of them receiving the same treatment of aspirin. While the other 106 received a medication that affects plasebo (seems as if to heal), in addition to receiving antibiotic treatment.

Level of hearing loss appeared in the aspirin patients was 3 percent. Meanwhile, those who have not been given aspirin had a 13 percent disturbance. Evident that the patient be given aspirin, 75 percent are suffering from hearing loss to the level of illness are lower.

''We want to disseminate the findings to medical communities around the world so that you can do for the prevention of risks on your patients. Aspirin easy and affordable,''said Jochen Schacht, professor in the field of chemical biology Ear, nose and throat (ENT) medical school at the University of Michigan (UM)''Before, we found that the treatment was successful in mice, but I am very happy when I found that this also works in humans. Applying research from animals to humans is not that easy,''said Schacht.

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