Anti Aging Drugs Found In Soil

Land in the South Pacific islands contain known types of drugs that can "combat" the aging process . A research has been proved.

When the researchers in the United States experiment with old mouse, the results can be extended from the age of mice prior estimates of more than 38%.

The findings in the Journal Nature provides new hope for world health in an effort to slow the aging process are already old.

However, experts in the UK still opposed to the findings that extend the age of man, Section of drugs that can reduce the human immune system.

Rapamycin, a drug it has been found on the first island in the eastern part of 1970s, usually used to prevent organ rejection in patients who akan ditransplantasi, open the coronary arterial blood vessel, and also as a cure for cancer.

Researchers from Texas, Michigan and Maine provide drug on mice that age is almost the same as the man at the age of 60 years, and also the physical conditions that are disease prone.

"I never thought would find anti-aging pill in this period now. Rapamycin promised this," said researchers from the Barshop Institute, Dr. Alan Richardson, as quoted from BBCNews, Saturday

Effect is given by rapamycin by limiting the entry of the same calorie food, the mind can also prolong life.

"Drugs that target seeking protein in cells, called mTOR, which functions in the body's metabolism and response to stress," says Alan.

However, researchers must find ways to cure this mereformulasi to remain stable at the time of entering the channel before the rat digestive effects medicine reduced.

"Although the experiment is successful in mice, but should be developed for humans. Environment experiments on mice are sterile and free from infection, this may not happen in the human population '" said Dr Lynne Cox, an expert at the University of Oxford penuaan.

"Apart from the effect that can extend life, it is better not to try drugs that now, because it still must be developed. The most important age not extend life, but the age of health," he added.